Black Shark

Game is Real

People are born ordinary
Reality is simple and mediocre
We can never escape from the certainty of life

know you always say, none of it is real;
The armies I command, my mountains of gold and the lands I have conquered,
Even myself who has super powers

I disguise myself in a virtual world
In my hope I fight
In my allies I trust
From the frustrations I pursue faith
From the vast worlds I discover greatness
It is always the ordinary me, who is behind all those extraordinary realities

All experiences are experienced
All feelings are real

Why do I love games?
Because for me

Who we are

As Australia’s premier Black Shark Authorised Reseller, we’re part of the up-and-coming Black Shark squad. Starting with the revolutionary Black Shark 4, we’re bringing their cutting-edge gaming technology to your doorstep, frame by frame.

Black Shark is taking the gaming world by storm for a reason. With backing from technology powerhouse Xiaomi, they’re empowered to unlock the unlimited potential of mobile gaming and put it in the hands of those who do it best - you.

Why we’re here

Mobile gaming needs a revolution, so we’re doing just that with powerful hardware designed to bring out the best in every gamer. Think ridiculously responsive touchscreens, ultra-fast charging, unmatched stereo, integrated cooling systems and all the accessories you’ll need to be powered up to the max.

Gaming is an experience like no other, bringing alive the creativity and challenges of another world. We’re committed to making that experience as inviting and rewarding as possible. Our local Sydney-based office is here to support any enquiries, service requests, technical support or warranty claims from any of our valued customers. You’ll be back in the game sooner than you can say ‘GG’.

Welcome to the Rebellion.

History & Milestones

Black Shark Unveiled Globally

The perfect gaming phone is about powerful hardware, cutting-edge innovation, refined build and design, polished software, and gamer-centric service. We focused on all of these aspects to create not just the world’s most powerful gaming phone, but also an amazing community of gamers.

Latest News

At Black Shark, we design gaming phones for those who refuse to settle for anything less than the absolute best gaming experience. We combine powerful specs, ultra-vivid and ultra-responsive displays, and innovative gaming features to craft smartphones for enthusiasts. And with Black Shark 4, we’ve upped the ante to create our fastest, most re...

We are now excited to say we are counting down the days for the pre order release of our Black Shark 3 Pro on July 7th. As soon as you preorder, the phone will arrive within 15 business days, but stock during this exciting time is limited, so be sure to grab your while you can! This amazing model has a lot to offer and is ready to unleash the b...

For the first time ever, Xiaomi black shark released two new additions to their popular gaming line, all at the same time. Meet the new Xiaomi Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 Pro. This is the first time that xiaomi Black Shark released two new smartphones at the same time, instead of gradually coming up with different devices with confusing na...